Non-stop Longest Flight Between Singapore and New York City
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Non-stop Longest Flight Between Singapore and New York City

January 1, 2019 Nency Willims 0Comment

The longest Non-stop flight on Singapore airlines between New York City and Singapore on the world’s first Ultra-long range Airbus A350-900URL covering a distance of 9532 miles makes it the indisputable winner of the Ultra Long-Haul Routes (ULR).

The incredibly long flight crosses 12 time zones and lasts for an approx 17 hrs and 20 minutes.  In terms of the distance flown and with the latest fuel-efficient aircraft, this flight has overtaken the 17.42 hours long flight between New Zealand to Qatar on a Boeing 777-200LR.

The ultra-light Airbus A350-900ULR has fuselage and wing structure made primarily of carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The engine sips up to 20% less fuel and carries fewer than 300 passengers. This makes sound economics as well because the plan guzzles less fuel and the fight also plies full.

The Scene is Warming-up With More Airlines Plunging in For ULRs

In the wake of fuel-efficient planes more and more airlines are opting for Ultra Long Haul flights. ULR is described by industry expert as any flight that covers over 8,000 miles one-way.

Qantas comes close in the second spot with its flight from Perth to London flying non-stop covering a distance of 9010 miles. Qantas has also promised a 20-hour direct flight from London to Sydney which it plans to commence from the year 2022.

United Airlines is close on heels with its new 18-Hour Flight on a B787-9 between Los-Angeles and Singapore logging 8,770 miles. Qatar Airways covers 9.032 miles flying from Auckland to Doha on a Boeing 777-200LR in a nominal flight time of just over 18 hours.

Singapore Airline is The Hands-down Winner in The ULR Segment

However, amidst all the competition, the crown goes to Singapore for setting the new distance world record. Serving the west-bound ULR route from New York to Singapore (Changi) covering a total of 9532 miles the airlines has emerged as a hands-down winner.

The route heads from New York and heads towards the northerly direction past snow covered Canadian northern landscapes, moving towards the North Pole traversing about thirty minutes over the icebergs and fly down south across Siberia and Mongolian Steppe, China, Laos Thailand Malaysia to arrive at its final destination in Singapore.  

Classes And Comfort

The improved cabin conditions put significantly less strain on the body than previous generation aircraft. Lower altitude flying and better air quality availability, combined with programmable lighting all help to maintain the biorhythms.

The plane has all the advanced technology to support such an epic trip quite literally to the other side of the planet.

The beautiful new plane has only 161 seats spread across business class and premium economy and there is no regular economy or first class on the A350-900ULR. The plane has 67 business-class seats and 94 premium economy and will be the first of the seven on order by Singapore Airlines. Two planes to travel from New Jersey and five to be used on the Singapore-LA rout.

Flying With Comforts of Business Class on World’s Longest Flight

A Business class ticket on this state of the art Singapore airline will get you access to Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in New York and United’s Polaris lounge in Newark.

The super-long route comes with new amenities to ease the tiredness in the journey.

Singapore Airlines’ has partnered with Canyon Ranch for a guided stretch exercises program guided by exercise physiologists shown on the seat back entertainment systems. They have an on board e-library and those who download the airline’s app would receive push notifications advice.

Singapore Airlines’ do yourself amenity kit allows passengers to select items they want from the brand Crease Release that include Canyon Ranch lotion, a super-soft eye mask, and an exercise band.

Seat And Space Inside A350-900ULR

The total of 67 seats in the Business Class are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration each measuring 28”x60” wide with a pitch of 60 inches and the bed length of 78 inches.

Seating arrangement in Premium Economy is in 2-4-2 configuration with a row-wise capacity of 42:41:40. The windows seat back of the Premium Economy cabin is probably the best in the entire plane.

The seat has a few quirks but is definitely nice and the entertainment although not intuitive or touch screen has a great choice of content.

There is a dedicated drink table, with a sliding compartment above, ample room for stowage space overhead and underneath. Reclining seats have large HD display can be connected to iPod or any HDMI device. The ample choice of entertainment includes hundreds of movies and dozens of Hollywood new releases, countless TV show episodes and Canyon Ranch for a guided stretch exercises programs.

Food And Beverage

The catering on the flight is carefully planned to help reduce jetlag and is on point with meals designed by renowned wellness gurus.

The menu is designed by Gotham Bar and Grill’s Alfred Portale, and meal options created by the spa Canyon Ranch on the Newark route.

Everything is perfect from a selection of Canapes to the best wines. They start with the beverage of choice, a classic Singapore Sling or a choice of healthy mocktails like coconut pineapple fresco which is packed with minerals and anti-oxidants.

An outstanding choice of wine selection include Charles Heidsieck Champagne and special Bordeaux, an outstanding 2006 Chateau Rauzan-Segla

Business class passengers are offered 3 meals. The assortments in starters and main include Seared Lamb Loin with Cabernet Sauce and fennel, sous-vide beef fillet with wild mushroom cream sauce, sautéed veggies and potatoes, seared chicken with pasta-cut zucchini, Parmesan, basil and braised tomatoes, prawn ceviche, Orange Cured Salmon Trout followed by Gotham Pineapple dessert or lemon angel food cake is just as good as having these for the first time. A wake-up call with 16 teas to choose from and a few hours before landing, the lobster mac and cheese makes it a pallet happy flight.

Covering This Super-long-haul Travel in The Comforts of Business Class

From the East Coast, all the way up to Singapore is an excellent option when you fly in the comforts of a Business Class without any hassles of a stopover in between.

The inaugural New York to Singapore flight onboard a brand new Airbus A350-900ULR from Singapore Airlines kicked off with a very impressive party that covered all the festivities right from the gate to a full-on action onboard.

You’ll see Canadian landscapes, icebergs, and the vastness of the Russian and Mongolian Steppe.

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