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British Airways


There is a lot a flyer would expect from an airline, the magnitude of British Airways. Depictive of its role as flag carrier, it is the largest airline in the United Kingdom by fleet size and only second to Easy Jet in terms of number of passengers flown. Currently, British Airways is owned by the International Airline Group alongside Iberia Airways.


British Airways Flights History


British Airways was the result of a merger by British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways in 1974. The two had been operating independently until 1972 when the UK government passed an act which relegated management of both companies to the British Airways Group. Following the formation of the new company, BOAC and BEA were dissolved. In 1987, British Airways was privatized and continued expanding by acquiring smaller airlines and creating subsidiaries to enable the diversification of its services. It recently merged with Iberia to form the International Airlines Group although both brands will live on.


British Airways Flights (Fleet Info)


For a long period of time, British Airways had been a big customer of Flights aircraft although it later introduced planes from Airbus. Currently, its fleet has a total of 272 airplanes. Of these, 142 are from Airbus while 130 are Boeing Flights. There are specific variants like the Airbus A320 which work short-haul itineraries while others are designated for long-haul routes; examples of variants which work long-haul routes are Airbus A380 and Flight747-400s.


British Airways Flights Destinations


British Airways flies to over 160 destinations in six continents. It is one among the few airlines which boast of offering services across six continents alongside other big players like United Airlines, Emirates and Qantas. It has code share agreements with several airlines and especially members of one world.


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British Airways Flights Class Products


Being a domestic and international flight operator, British Airways has offerings for its short-haul and long haul routes. For short-haul routes, the airline has UK Domestic, Euro Traveler and Club Europe (Business Class). Offering for long-haul routes include first class, Business class (Club World) Premium Economy (World Traveler Plus) and Economy (World Traveler).


British Airways Flights Entertainment


British Airways has personal entertainment across all class products in its long-haul fleet. It is powered by the Audio, Video on Demand (AVOD) system. In addition, First Class and business class flyers get complimentary in flight magazines.


British Airways Flights Baggage Allowance


The baggage allowance offered by British Airways depends on your class ticket. Generally, you will be allowed to carry 23 kgs of checked baggage. Interesting too is that British Airways has special fares for passengers who intend to travel light and are only carrying a personal bag or backpack.


British Airways Flights Amenities


  • In flight meals
  • Access to lounges
  • In flight magazines and personal entertainment across all class products


British Airways Flights Awards and Recognition


British Airways has received many accolades in its lifetime. Notable ones are:-

  • Best Airline Worldwide and Best short-haul carrier at the 2012 Business Traveler awards
  • Top position for UK’s consumer Super brand of the year in 2014

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