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JetBlue Airways

If a new airline emerges and most of the employees it recruits happen to have exited from another, is it right to refer to it as a spin off. With its founder included, most of the executives at JetBlue were former employees. In just two decades, JetBlue Airways has grown into the fifth largest airline in the United States.


JetBlue Airways History


When JetBlue Airways was conceived in 1998, the goal was to offer low cost flight services just like its inspiration albeit with better in-flight amenities. Operations began at the beginning of the year 2000 with the airline initially offering flight services to Buffalo and Ft. Lauderdale. Interestingly, JetBlue was one of the few US-based airlines which managed to make a profit in the period following 9/11. Currently, the airline operates under its parent company, JetBlue Airways Corporation.


JetBlue Airways Flights (Fleet Info)


JetBlue Airways Flights is a big operator of the Airbus A320-200 having 130 of them in its fleet. Other aircraft in its fleet are 60 Embraer E190s and 44 Airbus A321-200 making up a total of 234 in service aircrafts. The airline has an order for 20 for both the Airbus A320neo and Airbus A321neo.

JetBlue Airways Flights Destinations


JetBlue Airways services flights to 101 destinations across the Americas and The Caribbean Islands. Some of its key destinations are in Jamaica, The United States, Columbia, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Some of its focus cities are BostonFt. Lauderdale, Orlando and Long Beach.

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JetBlue Airways Flights Class Products


JetBlue flights initially offered business class and coach until lately when was introduced.  Airbus A321-200s which has the Mint experience feature lie-flat seats and movable partitions which can be used to create small suites.


JetBlue Airways Flights Entertainment


JetBlue Airways Flights offers personal entertainment screens at every seat in addition to Sirius XM Satellite Radio.   It was the first ever airline to offer personal in-flight entertainment to all passengers. Currently, passengers have access to more than 20 DirecTV channels.


JetBlue Airways Flights Baggage Allowance


Until recently, JetBlue airways did not charge extra for bags. However, even after having made charges effective, it has the lowest in the market alongside Frontier. Charges depend on the class you are travelling in. If you purchased a blue ticket, the first checked bag will cost you $ 20 and $ 35 for the second one. The first bag is complimentary for blue fare passengers and 2 bags not exceeding 70 pounds for people with mint fares.

JetBlue Airways Flights Amenities


  • In flight internet access (Wi-Fi Accessibility)
  • Power outlets for laptop charging


JetBlue Airways Flights Awards and Recognition


  • In 2014, JetBlue received the J.D Power Award for the best low-cost airline for the 10thyear in a row.


Contact Details



  • Reservations: 1-800-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583)


Call Now: 1844-436-1896