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The foundation of Spirit Airlines was inspired by low cost fares; and then there is no changing of lanes. Spirit Airlines has hung on to its words since 2007 when it has transformed into an ultra-low cost carrier. Currently, it has discontinued its business class offering and is investing heavily in the low-cost fare market.


Spirit Airlines Flights History


Spirit Airlines has its history dating back to 1964 when the Clipper Trucking Company was found. The airline service began in 1980 where it initially inaugurated Charter One. Ten years later, Charter One begun offering scheduled flights from Boston to Atlantic City. The name change to Spirit Airlines came about 3 years after the company instigated offering scheduled passenger services. The Spirit Airlines transformed into a low-cost carrier in 2007 and has effected many changes since then to maintain profitability.


Spirit Airlines Flights (Fleet Info)


Spirit Airlines has an all-airbus fleet. There is a total of 104 in-service aircraft with approximately half being made up of Airbus A320-200s which are 48 in number, Airbus A319-100 being 31, Airbus A320neo 4 and Airbus A321-200 being 21. The airline has only used McDonnell Douglas and Airbus aircraft since its inception.


Spirit Airlines Flights Destinations


Spirit Airlines flights currently service 57 destinations in the Americas and the Caribbean from its base points at Ft. Lauderdale and Detroit. Its focus cities are Dallas, Las Vegas, Houston and Myrtle Beach.

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Spirit Airlines Flights Class Products


Spirit Airlines has a single-cabin class configuration. Shortly after it transformed into a low-cost carrier, it discontinued its business class offering and re-branded Spirit Plus as Big Front Seat. The big front seat is sold at higher price; passengers can upgrade it as per their consent.


Spirit Airlines Flights Entertainment


Spirit Airlines does not have an in-flight entertainment system.


Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance


Spirit Airlines charges $ 10 per bag for the first two checked bags or $5 if a passenger reserves the bags 24 hours before their flight. They also charge for carry-owns but personal items like your laptop or camera are included in the fare.


Spirit Airlines Flights Amenities


  • In-flight beverages
  • The Big front seat which is more comfortable and convenient


Spirit Airlines Ticket Change And Upgrades


Spirit Airline is based out of Miramar, Florida and operates in cities like Chicago, Atlantic City,  Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago–O'Hare, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Las Vegas. Spirit operates about 400 flights on daily basis and covers 60 destinations and covers the entire US, the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America, and South America. Spirit Airline stands amongst the 8th largest commercial airline in North America. The ultra-low-cost carrier promises to provide the lowest airfare than any other carrier in the US.


 While searching for the cheapest ticket chances are that you will see Spirit prices all across. The airlines has fast become a game changer in the ultra-low-cost flying segment.


They are also known for their “BareFare” that strips all the fancies of a privileged class by providing an unbundled Bare Fare ticket that leaves room for passengers to add amenities as per their liking by paying extra like seat assignments, bags, refreshment or extra legroom.


Not only does Spirit Airlines provide low cost airfares but have comparatively more flexible rules related to cancellations and changes. At times passengers like to change something simpler like their seat or correction in their name to more intense change like the time, date and even the origin and destination in their itinerary.


Spirit Airlines lets you do all that by paying the minimum change fee.But before you buy a ticket, make sure you make some savings from the start.


Spirit charges $20 per ticket one way if you choose to book online and booking over the phone costs $35, however, you can work a way around to save this extra cost plus you get a further discount.
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Spirit Airline Ticket Change


There are several options for changes and cancellation with Spirit Airlines. If you are making a change online, Spirit airline charges a fee of $90 for cancellations or changes and $100 over the phone. The amount of fee varies on cancellation within 24 hours and on bookings made minimum 7 days before the departure.

Name changes for minor mis-spellings can be done for free by providing supporting documents like

  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Decree
  • Or Legal Name Change Document
  • Court Order


They also have a Flight Flex program on initial flight-only bookings available through selective Spirit Airlines Travel Agent Portal which allows you to modify the time, date, and/or the origin/destination of the booking.


Refundable fares are not offered by Spirit however any difference in the fare which is to the advantage of the passenger is allocated to Future Travel Credit which can be used within 60 days.


Spirit Airlines Flights Awards and Recognition

Spirit Airways was named World’s Best Low Cost airline at the 2015 World Airline Awards in Paris.


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