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United Airlines


What would you expect of the world’s largest airline? United Airlines flies to virtually all major destinations in the world and is one of the few which have a presence in all six inhabited continents. It has its headquarters at Willis Towers in Chicago, Illinois.


United Airlines Flights History


Like several other airlines of its ilk, United arguably started taking shape in the mid-20s. The Aviation pioneer William Boeing had a hand in its formation when he founded Boeing Air Transport. To expand it, he purchased other airlines and most notably Varney Air Lines which is remembered in America’s Aviation history for being the first to initiate a scheduled airline service. In 1929, Boeing Air Transport merged with Pratt and Whitney forming United Aircraft and Transport Corporation. UATC would later separate in 1934 forming three companies namely Boeing Airplane Company, United Aircraft and the subject, United Air Lines. Several airlines have merged in United Airlines since its formation noting Capital Airlines in 1961 and Continental Airlines in 2010.


United Airlines Flights (Fleet Info)


United currently has a total of 715 airplanes in its fleet. Although it is a mixed Airbus and Boeing fleet, majority of its aircraft are from Boeing. Only 152 are from Airbus and just the A319-100 and A320-200 variants.


United Airlines Flights Destinations


United Airlines flies to 375 destinations worldwide. Of the 375, 235 are domestic while the other 138 are International. The International destinations are spread out across 60 countries in six continents. The Airline has hubs at Chicago, Houston, Denver, Washington, Guam, Los Angeles and Tokyo.


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United Airlines Flights Class products


United Airlines has several offerings to both its Domestic and International passengers. These are Global First (International First Class), Business First, United p.s, United First, United Business, Economy Plus and Economy. The cabin-configuration of a plane depends on whether it is designated for domestic or International flights.


United Airlines Flights Entertainment


United Airlines has personal entertainment across all its class products. It is powered by AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) which allows passengers access to TV shows, movies and games. The airline also has in-flight Wi-Fi as an amenity which is bundled together with its entertainment offerings.


United Airlines Flights Baggage Allowance


The baggage allowance you get from United Airlines depends on the class you are flying and your status on Mileage Plus. Economy travelers will be allowed 23 kgs while travelers in all other classes are allowed 32 kgs. If your status on Mileage Plus is Premium Silver, you can only check 23 kgs. All other statuses are allowed 32 Kgs.


United Airlines Flights Amenities


Access to lounges by first class and business class travelers
Power outlets
In-flight meals
United Airlines Flights Awards and Recognition
United Airlines has received several accolades in its lifetime. In 2016, Global traveler named Mileage Plus which is United’s frequent flyer program as best in the world.

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